Screenplayground Podcast – What If? “Haunted Houseparty”

What If? Wednesday! Get excited! Once again Patrick Guera and Thomas Cunningham take a random dumb/weird/vague story idea and try to develop it into an idea for a movie.
In this one, a lawyer trying to start a new life buys a beautiful old house in the south. As she’s fixing it up, she realizes it’s haunted by a creepy Civil War soldier! She calls the host of a Ghost Hunter type show for help. Together they discover there are other ghosts…. A 1970s house wife and a 1990s Ron Funches?!?
That’s right, folks! This is a comedy!

Screenplayground Podcast – What If? “Jedi Weed”

In this episode of What if? Thomas Cunningham & Patrick Guera break a story about an ex-Jedi and his gardener who want to grow a plant that when ingested gives a normal person Jedi powers. Something so powerful is not without danger and potential conflict. 

Mr. Roboto our AI Producer has somehow gotten the rights to this Star Wars stand-alone idea and as always given roughly 30mins to break into a usable foundation for a screenplay.  Enjoy! Please share, rate and review on iTunes and/or your favorite podcast app. We’re on Stitcher, GooglePlay, TuneIn, Spotify and more. Just search “Screenplayground”.