Screenplayground Podcast – What If? “Paul Rudd the Assassin!”

Paul Rudd the Assassin!

We’re BACK! What If? Wednesday! Once again Patrick Guera and Thomas Cunningham take a random dumb/weird/vague story idea and try to develop it into an idea for a movie. We “break the story” as they say in the industry.

In this one, we cast the beloved Paul Rudd as an assassin that is blackmailed into doing a job that he doesn’t want to do. The premise was a little more vague than usual so there was more to fill in. Consequently, this episode is longer than usual. Look at it this way, there was no What If? last Weds. so we’re making it up to you with a DOUBLE SIZE episode! Don’t worry. You’ll love it! PAUL RUDD is in it!

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Screenplayground podcast – What If? “Kat & Mouse”

In this episode of What if? Thomas Cunningham & Patrick Guera break a story about a Dancing Virgin vs. an angry, scuppering mouse!

We are given a ridiculous premise by Robot Producer (a random generated plot via the internet) and we must break the story and have a basic, workable plot upon which a script could be written… in roughly 30 mins to do this. Robot Producer is a maniac. Let us know what you think! If you love the show please share it and subscribe on iTunes & give it 5 stars & a review. This will really help us get the show heard. Thanks!

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