Screenplayground Podcast – What If? “Paul Rudd the Assassin!”

Paul Rudd the Assassin!

We’re BACK! What If? Wednesday! Once again Patrick Guera and Thomas Cunningham take a random dumb/weird/vague story idea and try to develop it into an idea for a movie. We “break the story” as they say in the industry.

In this one, we cast the beloved Paul Rudd as an assassin that is blackmailed into doing a job that he doesn’t want to do. The premise was a little more vague than usual so there was more to fill in. Consequently, this episode is longer than usual. Look at it this way, there was no What If? last Weds. so we’re making it up to you with a DOUBLE SIZE episode! Don’t worry. You’ll love it! PAUL RUDD is in it!

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Screenplayground Podcast – Game of Thrones

The Mother of Dragons

Patrick Guera spent 8+ years watching Game of Thrones. Thomas Cunningham watched the whole series in 10 days. What did we think? What did they get right? What could they have done better? Who did we love, who did we hate? Who did we love to hate? Is there any merit to the harsh criticism of the final season?
The Dink! The Hound! Tormund! Daenerys! Cersei! Varys! So many amazing characters! Enjoy us scratching the surface of one of the most popular and epic TV shows of our era.

Screenplayground podcast – What if? “Zombies4Change”

In the latest episode of the “What If?” podcast, we break a story randomly generated and given to us by our robot producer featuring zombies! We try to make it all make sense and offer a fresh take on the zombie story. Enjoy it and share it! Let us know what you think and what you’d like to see in future podcasts and please subscribe to the Screenplayground podcast on iTunes & if you love it & you love us like we love you, please give it a 5 star rating and a good review. This helps more people find the show.

Screenplayground Podcast – What If? “Pie School Graduate”

Thomas Cunningham & Patrick Guera are given a ridiculous premise by Robot Producer (a random generated plot via the internet) and they must break the story and have a basic, workable plot upon which a script could be written… they have roughly 30 mins to do this. Robot Producer is a maniac. Let us know what you think!
Future “What If” episodes on Wednesday. “What If? Wednesday!”

Screenplayground Podcast – INTRODUCTION

A little intro by Thomas Cunningham & Patrick Guera on who we are and what we have in store for Screenplayground in the upcoming weeks. The short version: we want it to be THE go-to site for not only script notes but information on the craft, interviews and the signature “What If?” podcast where we break a randomly generated plot into the basic story foundation for a script.